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Date   2017-10-03 Hit   64241
Subject  9월 25일(월) 배송지연 관련안내

지난 9월 25일(월) 선적예정이던 물건 중 일부가 추석연휴전 도착을 위해 항공사에 집중된 물량의 폭증으로 인해 당일 선적치 못하고 다음 날 선적되었습니다.
이와 함께 28일 도착한 물건을 한국에서의 처리미숙으로 하루가 더 늦은 29일(금) 물건을 픽업하므로써 결과적으로 2일 지연처리 되었습니다.

이 점 사과드리며 당사를 이용해 주신 고객님들께 잘 설명해 주시기를 부탁드립니다.

참고로 이와 관련된 항공사 LETTER를 첨부합니다.

Sep28, 2017

145-43 226thstreet
Springfield Gargens, NY 11413

Subject: : CJ shipment 4pcs partialed & delay on Sep 25

Dear Ms. Kim,
First, on behalf of Korean Air Cargo, I wish to extend my sincere apology for the inconvenience the delay of your shipment has caused you and your company.
Unfortunately, due to the heavy demand, which began before the Chu-seokholidays with Live Lobster promotion and Express demand,
we had limited space, and consequently many shipments were partial or offloaded, much to our dismay and immediately re-arranged to next available flight of
KE252/27Sep flight to recover for partialed 4pcs.
Be that as it may, Korean Air Cargo is making every effort through daily flight briefings to maximize and better control the loading situation, in order to recover from this situation.
Please know that these situations are not the standard of quality here at Korean Air, and we will make every effort to better serve you in the future.
Once again, I hope that you will accept our apology, for the inconvenience this may have caused you and your company and hope to regain your trust and future business.

Chris Lee /
Korean Air Cargo / Sales Manager